Oldcastle Theatre Company

Bennington Performing Arts Center - Bennington Vermont

From the Bennington Performing Arts Center – Home of Oldcastle Theatre Company:

A Note from the Executive Director

The staff and I appreciate your continued support during the COVID-19 closure. We’ve accomplished so much at the theater in the last couple of months! The buckets have finally been put away now that the roof is fixed. We’re cleaning the light grid and the lights as we re-hang lighting instruments. We took the opportunity, while we were closed, to make some electrical upgrades both onstage and offstage. And now we’re getting ready to clean and freshen up the lobby. Plus, we’re looking for new ways to engage with, and entertain you.

We’re excited to present the first installment of Eye-Brow Theatre, Shots with Shakespeare. Stay tuned for educational and fun projects for your kids with our new BPAC Bunch program.

We’d love to find out how you’re feeling about coming out and seeing live performance again and how comfortable you feel about being in a venue. Please click on the link below and take our survey!

I hope you enjoy our online programming!

Jennifer Jasper
Interim Executive Director

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