We’re Almost There!

Thanks to the generous response to our roof campaign, we expect to begin work on April 1. Doxsee Roofing, a Bennington contractor, will remove the current roof surface, repair the deck, install solid insulation and, finally, install a membrane roof surface with a 30-year guarantee.

We are very excited. Through donations and one-time gifts we have raised $69,000 towards the $84,000 core cost of the project. That amount will cover just about everything—although the total could go up if there is a great deal of decking that needs repair.

We continue to ask folks to open their pocketbooks and wallets and make generous gifts to our roof campaign. By doing this now, we will begin to save energy costs the moment it is installed. And it will keep us dry.

If you need additional information, please give us a call and we’ll be in touch.

We have about five weeks to go.