2018 Season

What do history, silliness, Cole Porter, mathematical genius, comedy, George Washington, new works, Herman Melville, a Nobel Prize, mystery, a Pulitzer Prize, music, Ethan Allen, America’s greatest drama, the Civil War, Ben Franklin and the Tony Award for Best Play, all have in common? Each will be found in Oldcastle Theatre’s 2018 season. The company’s 47th season opens June 15th and will run through October 14th.

“Programming theatre seasons in this era of rapid, often disturbing change, is difficult”, according to Oldcastle’s Producing Artistic Director, Eric Peterson. “By looking back in history to plays that deal with the American Revolution, the Civil War and always relevant family dynamics, we’re hoping to give insight and historical resonance to some of the issues facing us today. In addition, of course, we will entertain audiences giving them an opportunity to put aside their burdens for a couple of hours, simply sit back and enjoy some laughs and some music.”

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