Friday Mar 9th, 7:00pm

This Little Piggy
Down Under Award Winning Director: Tristan Barr
Takes Chances Where Others Won’t!
A “Scarface” For A New Generation (Less Blood…F-Words)
Incredible Cast, Writing & Directing

A modern, thought provoking story of crime that doesn’t pay (or does it) when a young Melbourne man’s illegal business is thriving until his pig-headedness sends everything into an out of control (curly) tail spin. “This Little Piggy” is a “Scarface” for a new generation in the styles of renown writer/directors like Mike Leigh and Ken Loach drama. A Must See Movie!

Director: Tristan Barr’s Statement: This Little Piggy follows the journeys of several young Australians and how their actions ultimately leads to one tragic downfall.This Little Piggy has been a process-driven feature film concept, born out of collaboration between a young Australian cast of actors and myself.

The story is based on personal experiences but the scripting developed through structured improvisations with the actors. A process based on the works of other well-known writer/directors like Mike Leigh and Ken Loach. The cinematographer, Binh Phan and I then devised different styles to best suit characters individual stories and the film as a whole.

Director Tristan Barr Hails from Brisbane, Australia, Tristan Tristan Barr Barr is the filmmaker, director and actor behind production imprint. His work is bold, uncompromising and always edgy: he was the first filmmaker down under to release a full- length feature film (Watch The Sunset) shot in one single take, across the span of 9 different locations with a running times of 82 minutes! A passionate visual storyteller, Tristan’s work receives consistent praise for his work, including a recent accolade for “best director” at the Canada International Film Festival for his project titled “This Little Piggy”.