Nov 24th, 7:00pm

“Quatsch” (German For: Nonsense / Fiddlesticks)
Lookout Little Rascals – The Coati Gang Is Here
7:00pm Wed Aug 23rd
Get Your Kid On Before It’s Too Late

Enjoy A LOL Evening Of Popcorn, Gummy Bears, Soda And Other Confectionary Delights!
Bollersville has got everything a village needs: a fire department and police department, a town hall, a windmill, a water tower and a steamship. It is the ultimate average town, with the ultimate average citizens. If it weren’t for the Coati Gang, that is. The six preschoolers and their pet coati, with the help of their anything-but-average grandparents, are constantly inventing things and leaving chaos in their wake. When the Society for Consumer Research chooses Bollersville to test new products before they go on the market, the grownups are ecstatic. Afraid that the town will lose its testing privileges, the adults have all the grandparents put into an all old folk’s home. The Coati Gang however, sick of eating spinach corn flakes and horribly missing their grandparents, decide they’ve had enough and take things into their own hands (and paws). What’s the best way to turn average into exceptional? A world record of course! Their efforts are hilarious and turn the town upside-down.

Director: Veit Helmer was born in 1968 and has been making films since he was 14. He studied Directing at theUniversity of Television & Film in Munich and co-produced A TRICK OF LIGHT by Wim Wenders. He became known for his offbeat short films which earned him more than 50 awards at numerous international film festivals. His features include TUVALU (1999), which was
shown at 62 festivals and won over 30 awards, GATE TO HEAVEN (2003), ABSURDISTAN (2007), BAIKONUR (2011), and QUATSCH (2014).

Awards: Audience Award Zurich 2014, Emerald Star Award for Best Feature Film for a Children’s Audience Cinemagic Belfast 2014, Special Mention: Molodist for Kids 2014, Enfants Terribles Award Best Feature film (12 and under) Gijon 2014, Audience Award Juniorfest Plzn 2014