Friday Dec 15th, 7:00pm

Featuring A Cast Of Clowns & Characters
Q&A With Director: Mr Corey Boutilier & Sculptor: David Gesualdi

Today, in a time when civil war statues in the south are being removed, and with what is believed to be the final performance of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus, comes a documentary film that explores why P.T. Barnum should be newly honored and remembered properly by his birthplace. P.T. Barnum: The Lost Legend celebrates the Connecticut native, a philanthropist and progressive thought leader who was consistently on the right side of history. Barnum was a successful and wealthy businessman, a prolific author of self help books, stories, and an amazing autobiographer who saw great value in education and museums accessible to the public. The film demonstrates the importance of P.T Barnum in shaping the fabric of America today.

In the year of P.T. Barnum’s 200th Birthday, two Connecticut towns competed over the claim that Barnum is their native son; his birthplace Bethel, CT commissioned a life-size bronze statue, while Bridgeport, CT where Barnum served as mayor worked tirelessly to reopen Barnum’s century old museum after being seriously damaged by a freak tornado.

Before the new Barnum statue was erected in Bethel, many residents were not aware that Barnum was even born there. His memory was all but lost to only a few of his most diehard fans in town. Most residents had not read his autobiography and new very little about the change maker. Besides a couple of streets named in his honor, there were very few breadcrumbs to follow other than a folder at The Bethel Public Library containing copies of old newspaper articles. Even the new owners of Barnum’s birthplace home were unaware of its
significant history until the time of the house closing. It wasn’t even mentioned in the listed of the home’s description. Since the dedication of Bethel

There are many false cliches and stories that still circulate about Barnum, and still other fascinating stories that are hidden among his personal letters and biographies. P.T Barnum: The Lost Legend hopes to enlighten the viewer with a modern interpretation of the man, to reset some of that narrative and bring the hidden stories to light. And, ultimately entertain and inspire future generations from the achievements of P.T. Barnum.