Friday Mar 16th, 7:00pm

A surprising and twisted assortment of short murder mysteries
Twenty 9:30 – Who kills their victims based on their honesty to return money?
Mine 29:22 – Diane Johnson is middle-aged real estate agent, desperate to have a baby of her own, when she meets Kevin and Eva, a young newlywed couple who are expecting. This innocent friendship quickly morphs into a dangerous obsession. Cry The Fables: Glimpse Official
Welcome 3:01 – Where Fables Die, Darkness Hides.
The Call 21:30 – How far are we willing to go to help a stranger in need? Brynn’s comfortable night at home is interrupted when a mysterious man in need shows up at her door. Human nature is tested as she navigates her struggle between Good Samaritan and cautious citizen. Grafters 23:00 – An expert car-thief’s life is suddenly complicated by offbeat romance and professional competition.
A Man of God 16:20 – On his Cry The Fables Poster journey to escape a country where organized religion is punishable by death, a man of faith seeks refuge with a small family in an old farmhouse for the evening. As the priest befriends the daughter, his true intentions become clear to everyone around him and he must choose between his faith and his life.