Friday Mar 2nd, 7:00pm

One Summer 21:43 Director: Abigail Horton Middletown CT – Amidst backyards and pools, among bedrooms and bike rides, Lily and Oliver navigate the summer before high school. While trying to capture the stillness and immensity that our youthful summers seemed to hold, the best friends cannot escape the inevitability of their opposing feelings and fears towards the future. While one learns to fall in love, the other tries hard to run the opposite direction. This dramatic comedy is a meditation on those summers past; at once to wish we could go back and a chance to be grateful we’re no longer 13-years-old.
Open Mic 12:56 Director:Simon O’Neill Dublin Ireland – Stand up comic Rachel Brooke gets a lucky break when she’s asked to compere a weekly gig in a well known venue.
Swimlapse 9:00 Director: Edward Schmit Astoria NY – In the shadow of a chilling accident, a young lifeguard struggles to return to work while teaching a reluctant girl to swim.
The Claim 11:42 Mike Shove Naugatuck CT – Several co-workers out at a bar for the holiday, must solve, with the help of a cop, who killed their boss in the men’s room. TEARS 9:10 Director: Yahya Ghobadi Islamic Republic of Iran – A war zone is no place for a small girl’s birthday and her doll.
Companion 3:13 Director: Sean O’Neill Grayson GA – A stray puppy suddenly appears to brighten up a lonely boy’s world. The two enjoy a long-lasting companionship as they grow old together.
Oh Crappy Day 17:42 Director: Jon Bacon Raleigh NC – On a blind date with a charming young woman, a film student struggles to keep his OCD on the down low.
Ask Your Doctor About 7:10 Director: Mark Bellusci Stamford CT – Ever wonder where all those exotic, erotic and inane new ailments come from? And the miracle treatments that come with them? The answers are revealed in this off-the-wall comedy.

Trailer: “Oh Crappy Day”: