Join us on Friday nights at 7 PM for Independent Films at Oldcastle Theatre!

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Animation Mini-Festival

Friday Mar 23rd, 7:00pm

Golden Shot 8:40 Turkey Director: Gökalp Gönen – Rusty machines living in their small houses, imagine that the sun will come and take them to the sky someday. A small light, keeps them alive and dreaming. But one of the machines wants to see the sun itself and he has a plan for that. Samba’s Talk 3:00 Brazil Director: Fernanda Araujo – Music video for the song “Papo de Samba” (Samba’s Talk) by the brazilian singer Aline Calixto. The Sound of Road 2:30 Iran Director: Barzan Rostami – The story is about fake loves.

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On The 7th Date

Friday March 30 7:00pm

Q&A With Writer & Director: Chris Goodwin
A Very Funny & Heartfelt Woody Allen-Esque Dilemma
Tara and Shawn find that their relationship is going nowhere. So, when they decide to come to terms with it, they spend their last night together being their true selves and sharing what each of them really wants from another person. But as the evening unravels and things begin spiraling out of control, the two begin to realize that their ideal selves may not be who they imagined.

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The Doctor

April 7th – 6pm

The Doctor
Center for Communication in Medicine Presents: The Doctor an exclusive Screening starring William hurt., loosely based on Dr. Edward Rosenbaum’s 1988 book, A Taste Of My Own Medicine

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ZERO Shorts Program

Friday Apr 6th 7:00pm

Vermont Premiere
ZERO Shorts Program
More Substance…LESS Calories

Includes “ZERO” Winner of Ridley Scott & Emirates Youtube film competition – ZERO – BEST SHORT FILM FROM 15,000 Entries

Zero – 29:00 Spain (English)- Starring: Ryan Eggold (The Blacklist) A boy and his father are emotionally and physically separated on the day earth intermittently loses gravity. The boy is wrestling with questions about his mother’s death, while his father desperately tries to find his son as the world is rising and collapsing around him. Your Film Festival was an international competition organized by YouTube and Emirates in order to find the best storytellers in the world, give them visibility and to the winner, a real twist to his professional career. YouTube received short films from around the world, offering to the winner a prize of $500,000 to create original content for YouTube with the help of Ridley Scott, Michael Fassbender and the Scott Free Films team. The open call exceeded all the quality and quantity expectations with the reception of more than 15.000 short films from all over the world. Industry professionals next to Scott Free selected 50 finalists, which were put up to the public vote through YouTube.

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Hunting in Wartime

Friday Apr 13 7:00pm

BIG SKY AWARD WINNER – Big Sky Doc Film Festival
Killing Other Humans While The Government Killed Alaskan Tlingit Native Culture
6:00pm Meet n’ Greet With Director: Samantha Farinella
7:00pm Film And Q&A
‘Hunting in Wartime’ Directed by Brooklyn NY Director: Samantha Farinella founder of One Angry Woman Productions. Hunting In Wartime profiles the incredible stories of Tlingit Native Americans from the village of Hoonah, Alaska who served in the Vietnam War. Their stories confront the complexity of serving a country that systematically oppressed them; from forbidding Tlingit language, to over logging, to laws that robbed returning vets of their ancestral trade of fishing. Many vets succumbed to the horrors of alcoholism, PTSD and suicide while some were able to climb back out to lead the next generation back to their Tlingit culture.

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Shorts Internationale

Friday Apr 20th, 7:00pm

Poland, Australia, France, Germany, Canada (Native American)….
Some Funny, Some Rather Creepy, Some Incredibly Creative….All Very Exceptional
BEAST – Directed by: Christopher Sferrazza – Australia. In a small town on the eastern coast of Australia lives the quiet and caring Sophie. Her only relationships are with town gossip Bea, with whom she works at the local butcher, and her grandson Liam, a single paramedic. Sophie has been a social outcast for nearly a decade in the wake of a fatal accident involving her daughter, and the dominating Bea has given Sophie hopes of rejoining the community by “weaving her magic with the girls”. Just when things are finally looking up, Sophie stumbles upon something dark and inconceivable that forces her to make an impossible decision. A decision for love… Beast has now been selected for entry to the 2018 Academy Awards.

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Down Under Shorts

Friday Apr 27th,7:00pm

A Selection Of Short Films From The Other Hemisphere
IT Grows – IT’S BIG… IT’S GREEN… IT’S KINDA OBSCENE! IT’S THE FREAKIEST THING YOU’VE EVER SEEN! Zac has a problem. He suffers from ‘cyberchondria’. He contracts every disease he ever reads about online! His long-suffering girlfriend Jan has had enough. But that’s not his only problem. Something is growing in his garden… and it’s growing fast!
25.12 – A gentleman, on Christmas day, yearns for the connection of family. Having a lunch at a restaurant would suffice but what he ascertains is that in order to discover his reality he It Grows Poster Era Of Man must explore his illusions. Fighting For Your Life- Quirky and uncomfortable short where your arm may be to short to box with the grim reaper.

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Lonely Boys

Friday May 4th, 7:00pm

Q&A & Meet n Greet Reception with New York City based:
Writer & Lead – Television & Film Actor: Gregory Lay
Writer & Director: Dan Simon and Writer & Producer: Patrick Davin

If you liked Sideways, you’ll love Lonely Boys. Best friends Jules and Saul, newly single and heart broken, embark on a darkly humorous roller coaster through New York City. Desperately in search of solace, their understanding of love, life and friendship will ultimately be tested.

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