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Dog Days of Winter

Friday Jan 19th, 7:00pm

Playing With Short Film: Ron Taylor: Mr Baseball 17 min
The Story Of A Sport Born In America

Dog Days of Winter
“Dog Days Of Winter” is the first feature documentary on the start up of organized freestyle skiing during the early 1970’s in America. Told from the point of view of some of the most influential pioneers of the sport, ‘Dog Days’ tells the story of key people and events that set the stage for the birth of the sport, the spirit that freestyle is rooted in, factors that took the ‘free’ out of freestyle and reflections on what has become of the sport today.

“What all the freestylers have now, this stage to compete in the Olympics and this whole format whether it’s too regulated or not, it’s all because of those guys.”
Olympic Gold Medalist, Jonny Moseley

“We didn’t want to be coined as racers or disciplined skiers, we were the free spirits of skiing at that time.”
Freestyle Pioneer, Wayne Wong

French Shorts – Francophile / Francophone Shorts

Jan 26th, 7pm

Do You Like French: Bread? Wine? Snails?….Cine?
You’ll love focus on short French films with this block of savory shorts!
All films are in French with English subtitles.

Skål – 15:00 – Dir: Benjamin Cappelletti. And if tomorrow…in one night… all the planet’s water disappeared? Would you share your water reserves? But…with whom? And why? A range of choices that a young YouTube celebrity will have to suddenly and brutally confront.
Authentik – 3:00 Dir: Anthony Lemaitre. Ben, a carefree and immature young man living in the suburbs, shares all of his problems, including family, friends and of course, girl problems.

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To Be Irish Is To Be Political

Friday Feb 2nd, 6:00pm

Fanatic Heart The Story So Far of Black 47
6:00pm Meet n’ Greet Reception With Black 47 Founder & Leader: Larry Kirwan And Filmmaker Victor Zimet.
7:00pm Film And Q&A

Passion, poetry, and politics fuel this documentary about Black 47, the fabled House Band of New York City. A brutally honest depiction. Laid bare are the excitement, tedium, musicianship, boozing, triumphs, and disasters of a band that had no shortage of drama, success and debacle.


Friday Feb 9th, 7:00pm

If You Love Your Dog, Your Cat, You Must See “Bitch”
An Incredibly Soulful And Moving Experience
Quite Possibly Your Most Meaningful Film This Year
Travel From The Alleyways Of New Delhi To Sweden As She Muses Philosophically While Navigating The Perils Of Her Journey
A stray dog from the alleyways of New Delhi finds itself transported to Sweden, where she is thrust into a series of interactions with some pretty colorful people. And in the end, perhaps there’s a reason life brought her there.

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Documentary Shorts Great Women, Inspirations, Sailors & Confessions

Friday Feb 16th, 7:00pm

Joanna Macy and the Great Turning – Director: Chris Landry. This is a 26-minute film in which 84-year-old Joanna eco-philosopher Macy shares her understanding of these times we live in, when everything we treasure seems to be at risk. But it is not a film about despair. Instead, it is about the opportunity we have to come alive to our truest power, to “look straight into the face of our time, which is the biggest gift we can give,” and to participate in the Great Turning. Trailer …

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EKlectika Shorts I

Friday Feb 23rd 7:00pm

My America Directed by: Anna Jones 38 min – My America is a six-part web series that tells the story of Lucian, a black artist and Uber-driver, and Carmine, a retired white police officer who is visiting his son in Los Angeles. Over the course of the week leading up to the November 8 election, each man, seemingly so different, experiences a parallel journey confronting personal and political challenges amidst the contrasting value systems of today’s America.
Collide Directed by: Grant Johnson 12 min. David is out with friends when his world is turned upside down by the sound of a car accident. They find a young woman who’s been hit. As David gives her CPR, he is taken forward in time.

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Mixed & Matched Shorts Program

Friday Mar 2nd, 7:00pm

One Summer 21:43 Director: Abigail Horton Middletown CT – Amidst backyards and pools, among bedrooms and bike rides, Lily and Oliver navigate the summer before high school. While trying to capture the stillness and immensity that our youthful summers seemed to hold, the best friends cannot escape the inevitability of their opposing feelings and fears towards the future. While one learns to fall in love, the other tries hard to run the opposite direction. This dramatic comedy is a meditation on those summers past; at once to wish we could go back and a chance to be grateful we’re no longer 13-years-old.
Open Mic 12:56 Director:Simon O’Neill Dublin Ireland – Stand up comic Rachel Brooke gets a lucky break when she’s asked to compere a weekly gig in a well known venue.
Swimlapse 9:00 Director: Edward Schmit Astoria NY – In the shadow of a chilling accident, a young lifeguard struggles to return to work while teaching a reluctant girl to swim.

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This Little Piggy

Friday Mar 9th, 7:00pm

This Little Piggy
Down Under Award Winning Director: Tristan Barr
Takes Chances Where Others Won’t!
A “Scarface” For A New Generation (Less Blood…F-Words)
Incredible Cast, Writing & Directing

A modern, thought provoking story of crime that doesn’t pay (or does it) when a young Melbourne man’s illegal business is thriving until his pig-headedness sends everything into an out of control (curly) tail spin. “This Little Piggy” is a “Scarface” for a new generation in the styles of renown writer/directors like Mike Leigh and Ken Loach drama. A Must See Movie!

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Murderous Shorts

Friday Mar 16th, 7:00pm

A surprising and twisted assortment of short murder mysteries
Twenty 9:30 – Who kills their victims based on their honesty to return money?
Mine 29:22 – Diane Johnson is middle-aged real estate agent, desperate to have a baby of her own, when she meets Kevin and Eva, a young newlywed couple who are expecting. This innocent friendship quickly morphs into a dangerous obsession. Cry The Fables: Glimpse Official
Welcome 3:01 – Where Fables Die, Darkness Hides.
The Call 21:30 – How far are we willing to go to help a stranger in need? Brynn’s comfortable night at home is interrupted when a mysterious man in need shows up at her door. Human nature is tested as she navigates her struggle between Good Samaritan and cautious citizen. Grafters 23:00 – An expert car-thief’s life is suddenly complicated by offbeat romance and professional competition.
A Man of God 16:20 – On his Cry The Fables Poster journey to escape a country where organized religion is punishable by death, a man of faith seeks refuge with a small family in an old farmhouse for the evening. As the priest befriends the daughter, his true intentions become clear to everyone around him and he must choose between his faith and his life.

Animation Mini-Festival

Friday Mar 23rd, 7:00pm

Golden Shot 8:40 Turkey Director: Gökalp Gönen – Rusty machines living in their small houses, imagine that the sun will come and take them to the sky someday. A small light, keeps them alive and dreaming. But one of the machines wants to see the sun itself and he has a plan for that. Samba’s Talk 3:00 Brazil Director: Fernanda Araujo – Music video for the song “Papo de Samba” (Samba’s Talk) by the brazilian singer Aline Calixto. The Sound of Road 2:30 Iran Director: Barzan Rostami – The story is about fake loves.

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