Jan 26th, 7pm

Do You Like French: Bread? Wine? Snails?….Cine?
You’ll love focus on short French films with this block of savory shorts!
All films are in French with English subtitles.

Skål – 15:00 – Dir: Benjamin Cappelletti. And if tomorrow…in one night… all the planet’s water disappeared? Would you share your water reserves? But…with whom? And why? A range of choices that a young YouTube celebrity will have to suddenly and brutally confront.
Authentik – 3:00 Dir: Anthony Lemaitre. Ben, a carefree and immature young man living in the suburbs, shares all of his problems, including family, friends and of course, girl problems. Chase4422 – 5:14 – EDM Music Video – Dir: Julien Gueraud. A young woman is chased by a mysterious flying object. She flees across a deserted beach, sand dunes and eventually takes refuge in an abandoned village by the sea.
Magic World – 37:20 – Dir: Pierre André Marion. Maud, Adrien and Johan are three teenagers living in a port town in the south of France. During one of those endless summer days, the wandering of this love triangle will lead them to cross Authentik that invisible barrier that separates the innocence of childhood to cynicism of the adult world.
The Girl With The Red Balloons – 1:00 – Dir: Timothée Corteggiani. The existence of an individual remains in the memory of others. It’s the last defense against absolute nothingness, and it must be cultivate.
Relativity Explained to Children – 10:10 – Dir: Pierre Gaffié. Because he forgot a teacher’s demand, for the end of school term, a father takes a radical decision : explain Einstein’s theory of relativity to Nicolas, his 8 years old son…
I Am Just A Song – 14:34 – Dir: Patrick Bilodeau. For some it’s a drinker’s hobby, for others, it’s an art form, but above all karaoke is a unifying activity. This film portrays the phenomenon in the company of fascinating and passionate devotees. It pays homage to these women and men with hidden talents and whose fascinating performances touch the audience of their modest venues.

Trailer “Magic World” https://vimeo.com/121677543