Friday Nov 17th, 7:00pm

Award Winning Sci-Fi Thriller Vermont Premiere
6:00pm Meet n Greet With Writer, Director & Producer: Philip Johnson
7:00pm Film And Q&A Director

For thousands of years, evidence of life after death has eluded mankind. Science is about to change that. With the help of a physicist, a blind medium, and Thomas Edison’s final experiment, Brayden Taylor embarks on a quest to contact his deceased fiancee. For his love to transcend dimensions, he must defy the laws of quantum physics. He must defy the balance nature demands. He must defy … Einstein’s God Model.

Los Angeles, CA (March, 2017): “Einstein’s God Model” is a mind bending sci-fi thriller that explores the connection between quantum physics and the afterlife!

Winner Best Picture 2016 Comicon & Best Science Boston Science Fiction Film Festival, this independent feature film uses the science of quantum physics and string theory to take us on a clandestine adventure beyond the known universe. Director Philip T. Johnson uses love as the ultimate connection, compelling his main character,Brayden, to fearlessly trust a shadowy physicist and a blind psychic drunk who launch him
into other dimensions in search of his fiancee.
Einstein’s God Model recently won the Metaphysical Media award at the 2016 RAW Science Film Festival on the 20th Century Fox studio lot. The awards ceremony was attended by noted physicists Kip Thorne (gravitational waves, “Interstellar”) and Stephen Wolfram (“Arrival”). The film also won Best Picture, Judges Choice, and Best Visual Effects at the 2016 Classic Comic Con!

Mr. Johnson, the Director of Einstein’s God Model states “EGM is a mashup of classic technicolor science fiction and modern theoretical physics. We really wanted everything to have this cool pulp scifi flavor – the story, the characters, the visual effects, and even the music were designed as a nod to that cinematic period.”

Geeks & nerds are discovering a new breed of independent sci-fi filmmakers who, without studio support, are creating original stories that kick fiction’s butt with a blast of science! Producer Kenneth Hughes is a voice for independent filmmaking on the festival scene, and brought in a deep
bench of Hollywood talent to create a powerful post-production team. The film’s amazing score was composed by Senon

Williams of the immensely popular band “Dengue Fever” – a darling of public radio. Erik Tillmans of Dreamworks supervised the film’s groundbreaking visual effects. Naaman Haynes supervised the creation of the film’s other worldly soundscape and mixed the film’s sound at the legendary Technicolor sound studios on the Paramount lot in Hollywood. Producer Craig Dow of Imageworks Chicago, has over 20 years of production experience, working with such artists as Gary Sinise, Jane Seymour, Kristin Chenoweth, and recently wrapped production on “Confessions of a Teenage Jesus Jerk” directed by Eric Stoltz.

Much of the cast comes from the Chicago acting community (e.g. Second City Theater), including Brad Norman (Craig Leeham) and Darryl Warren (Dr. Carl Meiselhoff). The film also enjoyed The Discovery Channel’s, Mike Turano as the Director of Photography Other facts: The production had physics professor Daniel Record (a veteran of the Apollo Moon program and NASA educator) consulting. Dr. William Rosenblatt of Yale University, contributed as the medical consultant. Using the visual effects as a character, the filmmakers went to great lengths to blur the line between science and fiction, perhaps even … erase it?

“… an engaging mind bender” – Los Angeles Times (Noel Murray) Rotten Tomatoes FRESH!

“… this imaginative indie is bursting with ambition.” – The Hollywood Reporter (Frank Scheck)

“Einstein’s God Model opens a door a never shuts it …” – Cinema On the Rocks (Ziggy)