Friday Apr 27th,7:00pm

A Selection Of Short Films From The Other Hemisphere
IT Grows – IT’S BIG… IT’S GREEN… IT’S KINDA OBSCENE! IT’S THE FREAKIEST THING YOU’VE EVER SEEN! Zac has a problem. He suffers from ‘cyberchondria’. He contracts every disease he ever reads about online! His long-suffering girlfriend Jan has had enough. But that’s not his only problem. Something is growing in his garden… and it’s growing fast!
25.12 – A gentleman, on Christmas day, yearns for the connection of family. Having a lunch at a restaurant would suffice but what he ascertains is that in order to discover his reality he It Grows Poster Era Of Man must explore his illusions. Fighting For Your Life- Quirky and uncomfortable short where your arm may be to short to box with the grim reaper.
Era of Man – When a car belonging to a trio of amateur kidnappers breaks down in the middle of the Australian countryside, they think what harm can come by letting their hostage out to stretch her legs.
The Last Show – Jorge works as a clown in a small circus. Being a clown is all he knows and wants to be for the rest of his life. Suddenly, one day his boss informs him he will have to sell the circus due to the small audiences they have. This news will make Jorge fight in order to prevent the circus being sold, whatever happens, until the last show.
Greetings from Coney Island – Take a ride down the road of memories. Gestacion – 16:20, El Tiple -16:32 – A Pastor’s wife has become ill in bed so he decides to sell his Tiple (musical instrument) in secret in order to buy her medicines. The Pastor arrives at home heartbroken but he finds his wife in a better condition. She asks him to play her a song with the Tiple.
Padre – 11:50 Day by day a woman nurses her bedridden military father. The dictatorship has come to an end in Argentina but not in this woman’s life.
Reaccion En Cadena– 13:29 German is on his way home when a stranger approaches him on the bus and leaves him a note predicting his future death. He soon discovers he’s in the middle of something big something that will put himself and the whole humanity in risk.