October 27 & 28th – 8PM


J.J. Rammirez – HBO, Comedy Central
Missy Allan – Host Spike and Lifetime

Call the Box Office for tickets 802-447-0564

JJ  Ramirez

JJ Ramirez

JJ has been doing comedy for over 30 years he is an internationally known comedian with his quick wit and audience style comedy he was a writer for the John leguzamo show. He has appeared on Comedy Central he was in the movie the Latin kings of comedy. JJ is a headliner at all the top New York comedy clubs and is an absolutely hysterical standup comedian that is guaranteed to leave you laughing your butt off

Missy Allan

Missy Allan

Missy Alan started out in acting at age 3 and has been doing stand-up comedy for about 10 years. As a child her mother put her in the wacky world of children’s beauty pageant’s which is a lot of inspiration for her stand up comedy. She has appeared on Spike TV lifetime and bravo and plays at the stress factory catch a rising star among many other national comedy clubs.

Gemini - Nov. 2nd - 3rd. Oldcastle Theatre